TPL car: higher and higher prices and out of control

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Policies increasingly expensive according to the latest report of “Cittadinanzattiva”, particularly in the South, where there were “borderline cases” of policy over € 9,000

For some time now we hear that the prices of the policies TPL Car sooner or later would gradually lowered. But … surely continue to increase. To confirm it is the ratio “TPL car. How much does it cost?” Cittadinanzattiva the movement of civic participation for the promotion and protection of the rights of citizens and consumers, which took over the prices charged in each region.

The prices are not at all flattering. In fact, there are 19 cities where a car driver  in the class of maximum discount pay more than 800 euro. The rate TPL car higher for a driver adult who did not cause accidents was recorded in Naples (1,737 euro per year), the cheapest in Aosta (335 euro). The capital of Valle d’Aosta, along with Bolzano and Italy, stands out nationally for amounts lower tariff.
The situation worsens significantly for young drivers, with average price of 2,828 euro to policy and some “borderline cases” with rates above the 9,000 euro. The record for a neopatentato was recorded in Italy: 9,307 Euros per year.

In general, the dear TPL car is most evident in the South (on average, a neopatentato spends 3,101 euro and 776 euro an adult), data similar to the Centre (3013 euro and 712 euro), while rates less burdensome on average are proposed in northern regions (2,532 euro for a young and € 547 for an adult).