Puoi consultare EUROTAX giallo e blu gratis in internet


Grazie a       alVolante.it       è possibile trovare in rete una “ampia” selezione di modelli di cui ci sono le quotazioni Eurotax di Sanguineti Editore (quasi tutti direi). 

al Volante: Fra tutti i modelli che si sono affacciati sul mercato italiano negli ultimi 9 anni abbiamo selezionato i più importanti in questo listino auto usate: le quotazioni Eurotax delle auto di seconda mano sono espresse in migliaia di euro e riferite a veicoli in regola con la revisione periodica, con percorrenze nella norma (da 10.000 a 25.000 km l’anno secondo la cilindrata e il tipo di alimentazione) e che non richiedano particolari spese di ripristino per parti meccaniche o di carrozzeria. I prezzi nel listino auto usate non considerano la presenza di eventuali optional presenti nell’auto, che possono far salire la quotazione in rapporto all’incidenza che avevano sul costo dell’auto nuova.

eurotax disco


Giallo per i privati (vendita), blu per i commercianti (acquisto)

Con il link di questa pagina si accede ad una selezione. Per avere la quotazione di tutte le auto è necessario essere iscritti.

Eurotax come Quattroruote pubblica le quotazioni delle auto con meno di 10 anni di età. Per quotazioni di auto più anziane bisogna usare i siti on line come autoscout, automobili.it, indicata o altri riservati ai professionisti


adiconsumPresented by Adiconsum the report on the quality of the service TPL insurance.

It was conducted by Adiconsum a qualitative knowledge of the content of contract by sending a questionnaire to novice drivers and motorists in renewal of the insurance. The survey found that both the north and the south of our country, are united by the idea that saving is only linked to the price. Unfortunately, there is still much to be done both in the information and in the training too. Disconcerting, for example, the fact that the conciliation it is unknown and mediation to be mistaken for, despite being in force for the past 7 years.

CONSULTING – Each Association has opened a site for assistance to consumers on TPL Car specialized operators have provided information and advice on the fees charged by different insurance companies, contract conditions, warranties that the citizen has the right and the quality of services offered.

PREVENTION – It ‘started an information campaign on TPL Cars and loss prevention, directed especially to the young, which is implemented through a series of meetings in driving schools, in order to provide adequate training to people who are in the process of get my license. During each meeting an expert has answered the questions of the boys, which was distributed ad hoc information.

COMMUNICATION – The project was carried out in parallel with an extensive information and awareness activities through national and local media. Events and initiatives have been promoted online through social networks and all the associations involved have created a page on their website dedicated to the project, from which you can download free material produced.

OBJECTIVES – The main aim of the project “TPL CAR: HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?” Was to provide citizens with full and complete information on auto insurance, so that the users themselves become aware of their rights, the various types of contract and, more generally, of all as regards the sector TPL car. Associations proponents renew the expectation that the project will lay the foundation for further work, also to be carried out in partnership with other public and private entities.